The Meeting

It was a bright summer day. The skies were clear without a rain cloud in sight. Dino and Jess both woke up with a good feeling about the day. It was as if he knew that on this day the odds had to be in his favor. What could possibly go wrong on a day like this? He strapped up his best dress shoes and tied up his tie with the best attempt of a Windsor. Rushing out the house in such a hurry he almost forgot his memory stick. This was his ticket. He kissed it, reached it up in the air and shoved it in his pocket.

Dino had interned for 360i, one of the top ad agencies, this past spring. They had finally offered him a position. This was his first assignment. He was instructed to create a layout design to revamp a client’s website. He had done all the research, knew all the facts, and to his belief the design was perfect for them. Dino’s stride into the boardroom was confident. Soon after he finished set up, the client walked in.

“Dino, I presume?” He heard a voice ask as his face was drilled to his laptop. He rose quickly, adjusting his tie. “Yes. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Randall.” Dino extended his hand firmly. The presentation began. Mr. Randall drilled Dino in a way that he was not prepared for. Questions arose that had nothing to do with the product itself or anything he prepared for. An hour passed and the presentation was over. Mr. Randall tapped on Dino’s shoulder and shook his head. “We’ll be in touch.”

Dino knew he flopped. He messed up big time. This was his big break to prove himself. This industry is not the type that just lets you crash in the beginning. He decided to take lunch early and get some fresh air. He sat down on a cold wire bench unable to really eat.

He noticed a young woman sitting next to him with her head collapsed into her palms. Noticing him staring, she turned toward him in curiosity. “Hey, you alright? I’m Jessica by the way.” Startled Dino responded, “Dino. It’s been a long day but I should be asking you the same thing.” She chuckled. “Yea well same here but I’m alright. At least I will be.”

Still stuck in his misery, Dino asked, “But how do you know you will be alright.”

She looked up at the sky, squinting from the sun. “My mom always used to say, Jess, in failure there is power. When you feel like you can’t go on and you’ve hit the bottom, just take it as a lesson. You have to learn from your mistakes to know which way to go next. If you can take it as that you will always have the upper hand.” Jess looked back at Dino, “So that is why I say I know I will be alright. It hurts now but if I use this to my advantage it won’t hurt for much longer.”

Dino just looked at her and said, “You have no idea how much I needed that.”