Our newest spotlight is Tazz Thomas. Tazz is a Washington, D.C. native pursuing various entrepreneurial endeavors. We had the opportunity to speak with Tazz about his brand, T2, and what motivates him to keep pursuing his dreams. Check out Tazz’s responses below:

Define your gift(s).

I own T2, a brand/extension of myself and my likes/ideas, creating visual/collectible products. Photos, headwear, and apparel being my introduction.

                                                                  Photo taken from Tazz’s T2 photoshoot. Dope hats!

                                                                  Photo taken from Tazz’s T2 photoshoot. Dope hats!

Seeing my thoughts come to fruition is pretty cool… it makes me happy.

Everything I associate myself w/ is an extension of my interests and talents. After going through two years and leaving school, and working for the government for five years, I got a chance to really know myself, and learn what I don’t like. So, I’m pretty much over doing things I don’t like or have an interest in. Life is too valuable to not enjoy it every chance we get. Everything from taking a picture, to creating a chandelier design idea or crafting a dj set, stems from my interests.

How important is maintaining a healthy physical self to you? How do you balance the time spent on work/entrepreneurial endeavors and staying active?

I realized it’s importance early. I’ve been an athlete and physically active throughout my entire life, so being in shape/healthy has always been something I’ve been conscious of. It’s harder now than ever to balance staying active and healthy with having a job and working for yourself, time/energy wise. It’s a job in itself. I’m probably not the best person to ask for advice on staying in shape at the moment, haha. But I always remind myself, it takes no time to knock out some pushups/situps around the house, or run around my way for 30-45 mins. It’s easy to make up an excuse, but there really aren’t any.

How has your level of physical activity changed as you have become more committed to your various entrepreneurial pursuits?

It’s dramatically changed, haha. Cause when I was only working [full time] and not working on T2, it was easy. [I] had no problem going to the gym a few days after work, or playing ball w/ my boys on the weekend. But now with me committing my time/energy to my brand, it’s tough. Cause now the free time I have outside of work is mostly balanced between T2 work and my social life, so knowing how important my health/body is, it’s another job to create time to take care of myself.

Describe yourself in five words. Is this description the same as it would have been last year? Two years ago?

Optimistic, precise, versatile, connoisseur, cool, lol.

Yes, it is. I had to see those qualities in myself long before anybody else could. I think, therefore I am, and it’s not over ‘til I win.

If you really dug Tazz’s responses, and want to learn more about his awesome brand, T2, check out the link to his site here. You can also follow him on instagram and soundcloud @tazzgthomas.


Flow Fitness and Health

Keon Willis, Founder and CEO of Flow Fitness and Health, LLC

Keon Willis, Founder and CEO of Flow Fitness and Health, LLC

twentyfourgifts took the time to speak with a young entrepreneur from Cleveland, OH, Keon Willis, asking him questions we believe give real insight into his journey and desired destination. Check out the answers to some of those questions below:

What is your gift?

I am a fitness innovator! My gift is being able to assess the body and help others bring their ideal bodies to life. I use fitness and health as an avenue to interact with people. I take peoples fears and turn it into fuel because fitness alone is scary...but fitness with vision and understanding is beautiful. It is more than just push-ups and squats, it's about creating a sense of confidence within ones self and helping add that confidence to a lifestyle. The thing about wellness is that it can be scary, intimidating and exhausting honestly, BUT it can also be brave, strong, sexy, exciting, thrilling even motivating. Self wellness spills over into many different areas. My gift is helping people feel (in reality) how they want to feel in their minds! Rehab, Recovery, Revive means Body mind and spirit and you need all 3 to feel whole. So, my job is to be the best possible coach to achieve those goals!

Can you provide a description of some of the services Flow Fitness offers to it's clients? What type of feedback have your clients given you?

Flow fitness provides in home and in gym personal training, group fitness classes (yoga, zumba, bootcamp etc), nutrition assistance and meal prep guidance.

Keon sent a number of quotes from clients, here are a few that stuck out:

"I have 4 sons and they all play sports. I trained with Keon from Flow Fitness for over a year and for the first time I was able to attend my sons football games because I could climb the stadium stairs. I was an unhealthy 280lbs at 5'8" and any activity was exhausting. After training intensely for over a year I was 231lbs and feeling alive again. I no longer have the fear of missing out." - Tony H.

"I have never had so much fun training and working out as I did working with Keon. The workouts were always creative and tailored to me and my partner. We were challenged, encouraged and even when we weren't that good he always clapped and made us laugh...then he made us do it again. I wish we could clone more of him. Seriously, there is nothing like it!" - Linda S.

"I did not want to workout and to be honest I complained most of the time at every single session. Even though, in my opinion I was a monster of a client, Keon never expressed discomfort or hinted that he hated his job. He treated me with great respect and always made the workouts creative so I couldn't use excuse to get out of it and I am very thankful for that. He smiles and he is strict all in the same sentence, it is kind of annoying because you want to be mean but he works so hard. It was a great experience overall." - Kim B.

How has faith and perseverance been incorporated in your journey to start up a fitness business

Faith has been a huge aspect of my journey to owning a business. I have overcome some major financial and physical lows. Faith is about believing in something bigger than me that I cannot experience tangibly and I really had to learn that to continue to grow. Being battle tested, in my opinion, is the only way I feel like I learn the most. You have to go through something in order to be able to tell a story. I grew up in the church and sure that served as a solid foundation but at some point you realize that when you are going through a battle that it is just you as an individual and the only options are to sink or swim. Each and every time I felt like not continuing or giving up I had to draw strength from a power that was much stronger than myself. I have had experiences where doctors told me that after the age of 21 I would most likely never walk again...to hear that was a crossroads moment for me. It was sink or swim. I decided not to accept that diagnosis and I kept the pressure up and fought back to the best shape of my life! I have only been able to do these things because I know that there is a force that is much bigger than me and that my life's purpose is not yet served.

What song lyrics would you be and why?

"I'm talking about dreaming so hard, some nights it felt like Draft Day..." -Big Sean (One Man Can Change the World) and "If all I got is your hand in my hand...I could die a happy man." -Thomas Rhett (Die A Happy Man). I picked the Big Sean lyric because honestly I wake up with such an intense passion every single day because I know that as long as I am still on this earth, I've yet to fulfill my life's purpose! I am a servant and who would I be if I didn't attack everyday with the intentions of giving my everything for the goal of positively touching the world? I chose the Thomas Rhett lyric because just as passionate as I am each day I have to temper that with understanding why I do what I do. I work hard each day and try to work at my potential because one day I want to leave a legacy, not for a stranger to adore me but for my future wife and children and family to be able to say that they are proud of me. It is bigger than me and I know that for me long as I have that love...I will always have the energy and drive to give and be a light to the world.

With these answers in mind and his proven track record as articulated by his clients, twentyfourgifts is confident Keon will continue to be a leader in his community. Congrats Keon on being this weeks Spotlight! Get in contact with him via Instagram: @flowfit_ke @_flowfitness Website: www.flowfitnessandhealth.com