Kwam Amissah

As the “Professor X” of the twentyfourgifts team, Kwam uses his creative intellect to bring exclusive content to the site. His patience and understanding have provided a strong foundation to help develop and redevelop the site.

For Kwam, twentyfourgifts is a way to connect to others through documenting his own journey of actualizing the best version of himself. His aspirations for this project include inspiring others to wholeheartedly chase their full potential. In his spare time he goes by “Chef BoyarKwam,” and is a true food connoisseur.


Devon Horton

As the Batman of the twentyfourgifts team, Devon uses his natural proclivity to help others as a tool to encourage the team to remain focused on achieving twentyfourgifts’ goals.. Although his super powers are not as extravagant as others, he uses his business minded personality to keep the sites strategy organized as it continues to grow.

For Devon, twentyfourgifts is an exposition of his passion in helping others realize their goals. He believes in the ripple effect of good deeds on the world and strives to make twentyfourgifts a catalyst for the initial waves. In his spare time he finds his calm by creating music and therefore serves as the sites official DJ.


Alex Tucker

As the “Storm” of the twentyfourgifts team, Alex uses her powers to spark innovation and interest for the site.

For Alex, twentyfourgifts embodies self-awareness and growth. Her work on this project has helped her learn more about her strengths and shortcomings. She aims to create a lasting and inclusive brand that allows readers to foster a similar type of self-awareness that directly results in their own growth - whether it’s personal, professional, or otherwise. Outside of contributing to this dope blog, she likes to box/kickbox and serves as the group’s official bodyguard.


Cecoy Burnett

As the Spiderman of the twentyfourgifts team, Cecoy, also known as blkcharade, uses his ‘spidey senses’ to provide powerful stories relevant to each gift on the site. His ability to truly empathize with his characters makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

For Cecoy, twentyfourgifts serves as an outlet of self-expression. He creates his stories to simplify and mirror the simple solutions to the complex struggles our community faces regularly, helping his readers achieve the “aha” moments that put them one step forward on their paths to success and happiness. In addition to his creative writing skills, he also dabbles in creative cooking, making uniquely appetizing dishes.