Trust the Process

What a difference a year makes. Looking back, I would have never thought we would be here.

When we started this blog a year ago Devon and I had never blogged before, ran a website or even openly shared our thoughts for people to judge.

We just had an idea that we wanted to share with others and knew that the hardest part of accomplishing anything new was getting started.

If you asked me this time last year if I thought achieving 24 post was possible, I would have said "of course," but in the back of my mind I had my doubts.

What a difference a year makes. We have completed our commitment and made our goal a reality.

To those that have followed us all year - you know we had our ups and downs, long hiatuses of figuring things out and most of all an eclectic mix of writing.

We were learning on the fly.

But with each new post, we progressed. Our website and emails looked cleaner and the feedback from our readers more estimable.

We added some wonderful people to our team, who believed in what we were doing and wanted to help; without their additions I am not sure we would have been as successful.

Thank you Alex for stepping in and really helping us take things to the next level; with all of your great ideas, dedication and hard work twentyfourgifts developed into something truly special.

Also can’t forget to thank Ivana for bringing such a new style of writing and creativity to our site that gave readers new energy and great reads. Brock, Tyler, Cecoy and Saundra,  you are appreciated as well.  

It's cliche to say "you miss a 100% of the shots you don't take," but it is even more cliche to not take a chance on something because you don't know what the outcome will be.

By no means are we perfect yet; but within a year we have had a lot of  growth in the right direction.

And at the end of the day - the pain of fear will always be far less than the pain of regret.

So I am glad we took a chance and just got started.

Because if we inspired at least one person -  this journey has been a success.

Peace, vibes & blessings - Kwam