Top 5 Top 5 Top 5

Top Five things to keep in mind before graduating college...

1. Slow down Big your own race Big Fella

Learning that it is detrimental to compare yourself to others will set you free. You will never be able to live your own best life if you’re trying to live the life of someone else. It can be easy to get caught in “keeping up with the west’s” right out of school but avoid this at all costs if you can. There are many people who burn themselves out because they aren’t running at their own pace. Take each day a step at a time and live in YOUR present moment, not those around you.

2. Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed on this Boulevard

You can’t receive your biggest blessings without first letting it be known to the ones who care about its fruition. If you want something let it be known so family, friends, God, the universe, or whatever you believe in can hear it and create the opportunities around you to make that desire attainable. Don’t be afraid to take real risks, you’re not in the shelter of a university anymore there’s an entire world of people trying to be great. What you start to notice the difference between those who don’t rise and those who do, is the latter’s lack of fear to speak out about what they want and also be actionable with those same desires.

3. Stay away from “They”

Once you graduate from college you no longer will be forced to be around people you don’t exactly care for. So don’t continue to force relationships that don’t add value in where you want to be emotionally, professionally, or spiritually just to satisfy some connection you had at a younger stage in your life. That shits draining.

4. Live a Little…Cause…well you heard it before

Road trips, random weekend vacations, daily turn ups well they become less frequent after college. You have to begin to plan these occasions with a little more attention, which can also be draining. But you must prevail! It’s important that you don’t allow your goals to consume you to the point that you forget you’re still a 20-30 something and you still got the juice. Use it!

5. Follow your Art

AND Most importantly don’t forget to feed your art. The art is the little thing in you that makes you unique. It’s the thing that everyone knows you got or doesn’t know, but always remains the beat of your stride. Before “adulting” took place you had more time to draw, dance, take photos or act, but now that you have student loans and dog expenses to pay you can’t always feed those hobbies. Never stop feeding these parts of you though as they are the balancing factors that keep you level and sometimes become the careers that not only fuel your art/your heart, but the things that stack your pockets. Keep all parts of you fed, but hold this part with a little more passion.


Peace on your journey - TFG