The Roadmap to Life: Finding Purpose

By: Kwam



There are many interpretations for the meaning of ‘purpose’ but the one definition that matters is the one that resonates with you. Recently I sent out a “purpose” survey to my friends asking them to define purpose and elaborate on their own. I learned that purpose has multiple meanings and can be looked at from many different angles. Also, most people hadn’t fully figured out their purpose. Some were taking steps to try and find out their purpose while others did not even know where to start. Initially, I questioned why that may have been, but then it made sense to me: as individuals, it’s impossible to expect to find our purpose in the same way, at the same time. Our journeys take us through the ups and downs of life in order to clarify and live our own purposes, unique and specific to us.


Purpose is felt through acknowledging one’s intuition. What wakes you up each morning? What makes you happy and helps you sleep easier at night? That is your purpose. When you are living your purpose life is easier and more enjoyable. A few days ago, I stumbled across a website that helps you find your purpose in 20 minutes. I will admit, I was skeptical at first but I followed the steps on the website. Even though it took me longer than 20 minutes, I did gain some clarity to understanding my purpose.

The fulfillment of finding one’s purpose is not the same as the fulfillment of living one’s purpose. It’s possible to discover your life’s purpose without living it in that moment. Instead, you are often given pieces to your purpose that only make sense as you continue on life’s journey. The “purpose” survey illustrated how people understand their purposes at different stages in life: some, as early as high school and others who didn’t realize their purpose until after they reached 30. Those who defined their purpose early were still finding ways to live it out.


Fulfilling your purpose is an unrivaled feeling of happiness and joy. Knowing and living your purpose provides you with the strength that you need to get past the difficult times in your life. It makes the future more exciting. Success in terms of purpose is more than material wealth. It fills you with emotional and spiritual bliss that can make your life feel complete.

Advice from someone who has already found her purpose:

“Be curious. Be open to experimenting and failing. And although it can be uncomfortable, be vulnerable by talking about your journey with those you trust who can help give you some good food for thought. That helped me tremendously. “

Toure's Third Lesson


1. Use your heart more and your head less. That may sound crazy coming from a logical mind, but passion is not always logical. Always follow your gut.

2. Take note of the ways that you imagine yourself and your future. Choose one thing that interests you and pursue it (i.e. a job, an idea, a way of living.) Keep these actions consistent: give yourself at least six months of trying it out and see where it takes you. If after six months you don’t believe it’s worth pursuing, pick another thing and pursue that. Never give up.

3. Be ready to embarrass yourself: when you are trying something new, you most likely will suck at it, but you will get better. The willingness to be vulnerable is essential to discovering your purpose. It’s okay if you find that certain things are not for you. Through continued trial and error, you will discover what is.

4. Read everything that even slightly interests you. The only way to build on what you love is to learn it. Live it. Breathe it. Spend at least 30 minutes a day dedicated to a book, and if you don’t like to read, listen to a podcast or watch a Youtube video, anytime you have free time. The goal is to always be feeding your mind. Just make sure that your mind is nourished as you seek out purpose.

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