The Ugly Truth...Life Isn't Fair

By: Kwam


Wouldn’t it be great if at birth we could choose who we are born to and under what economic circumstances? Wouldn’t it be even better that if growing up nothing ever went wrong and everything just seemed to work in your favor? 

We look at the lives of others at times and wonder “why isn’t that me,” but a better question is what is my purpose in life and what circumstances will best prepare me for it. There have been many people who have been born into unfavorable situations, who experience great loss or tumultuous outcomes. Yet, some how when the dust clears, they still stand. Life may not always be favorable but it always allows options. The option to complain and accept what happens or the option to leverage temporary set backs to build something greater. 

There has never been a great story without conflict; the more you overcome the more exciting a story to tell. Success is the end goal in life but that success would be nothing without the journey, Life may not always seem to work in your favor when you may want it to, but just think, have you ever been placed in a situation you haven’t overcome? 

Life may not be fair but it is a great teacher. 



1. Look for ways to recognize the difference between what you can control and what you cannot control. We can’t change someone’s behavior if they don’t want to change. But we can change how we recognize that behavior. We can’t get rid of our past mistakes. But we can find ways to make sure those things don’t happen again. Recognize the difference. ­

2. Recognize your power of choice. When others treat you unfairly choose to use it as motivation. Never be bitter, always be better.

3. Constantly seek ways to reward yourself, when you accomplish a goal. This reassurance helps to shift focus towards self-gratification instead of focusing on how others treat you for your actions. Google “self-gratification antonyms” and you will get words like evil, waste, etc. so that just goes to show you that the opposite of treating yourself well is a waste. Treat yourself right first, you deserve it.

4. Read! There are people throughout generations who have dealt with how unfair this world can be, use their lessons. Pick up a book and then pass on your knowledge to those who can use it.    

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