I Shared an UberPool with God

Let me start with a brief disclaimer. I can’t quote you any religious texts. I smoke weed, binge drink, and despite growing up mostly in the South where my textbooks proclaimed that evolution may or may not have happened and my health teachers preached abstinence, I am not “saving” myself for marriage. But I believe in God, and I believe in spirituality. I believe that people can exercise their spirituality and develop their unique relationships with God however they please—from the prayer committee, to an introspective afternoon alone, to an Instagram post #LiveYourBestLife.

A few weeks ago, I was three drinks in at a Thursday night happy hour, and it was time to call it a night. Because I’m worth it, I ordered an UberPool and pressed my way to my Brooklyn apartment from the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I was the third pick up of three, and there were two other girls sitting in the backseat of the Nissan. I got in the front seat, said a general “hello”, and was prepared to politely ignore my co-passengers for the duration of my ride.

But to my surprise, that night, I shared an UberPool with God.

My two co-passengers (obviously unfamiliar with NYC UberPool protocol) were having a pseudo-personal exchange in the back seat. One of the girls was dealing with boy drama, and the other girl was giving her relationship advice rooted in Beyonce’s“Lemonade”. They were strangers to one another, so her advice was generic. But being benched for the last two cuffing seasons, I was open to hearing a new perspective. I didn’t contribute to the conversation but pleasantly eavesdropped. We reached the advice-giver’s destination; she turned to the girl who was becoming visibly upset and told her that whatever she decides to do to remember…

Your gut is God. 

Removed from its original context, for me, to know that my gut is supernatural gives me the power to act with boldness and confidence—to listen to and act upon the hungers of my heart as they are a reflection of the highest power in the universe.  

Understanding that there is divinity that lives within me; that it is speaking to me if I listen close enough is, on some days, the only force that keeps me from crumbling in defeat.

There is beauty and strength in knowing that my gut is, indeed, God; that “I got the keys keys keys”; that all I need is within me.

giphy (3).gif

Thank God. My gut is God.

By Ivana Tucker