"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S Eliot



twentyfourgifts was inspired by the journey of its creators. As we ventured down our own paths of enlightenment, struggling to find direction, we felt the need to share our experiences with the community. twentyfourgifts was not initially intended to be a blog, but it grew, and continues to grow, into a platform that not only shares our personal journey but the journey of tastemakers in our communities who are working towards their dreams. We are dedicated to uplifting the urban community in a space that is often overlooked by mass media. This project was, is, and will always be fueled by passion and empowered by purpose. We wish to continue to create history as we collectively grow with our readers.



Our mission is to encapsulate the urban millennial narrative that has been historically and consistently overlooked by conventional media. We aim to create a synergy with our readers in order to fully represent the vast array of voices, ideas, and journeys that have invoked constructive changes within our readers' communities. By doing this, we will provide content in the format of twenty-four "gifts" within a 365 day period. These gifts are meant to stimulate, motivate and inspire others to constantly strive towards self-improvement. This idea stems from the Chinese principle Kaizen ("good change") which points to the continual improvement of the self.

Follow us as we journey towards Kaizen and the establishment of a better society!